Make it Burn

Why not try one of our CrossFit Burn or CrossFit Conditioning classes to get you in shape for summer.

Many women and men came to me asking for classes with a class with more intensity and no heavy weights and we responded with CrossFit Burn.

What is Burn?  CrossFit Burn is in line with all the fundamentals of CrossFit; Constantly varied, functional movement at High intensity.  In CrossFit we may change the intensity by increasing load (lifting heavy things), by working faster, or by working longer.  In Burn we still use kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball, D-Ball, sandbag and bodyweight, but we exclude barbells and Olympic weightlifting movements out of the programming.

As a CrossFitter I like throwing heavy weights around, it makes me feel empowered as a woman.  And it’s not just me, but for many other women feel strong and sexy when they lift.  It has many benefits, like increasing bone density and burning calories for longer, but let’s face it, all women and a lot of men, may not want to bulk and might not be that into weights.  Good metabolic and aerobic conditioning might be more of their vibe and I respect that.

Like I said, we still use some form of weights in the burn class, but it’s higher intensity and lower weights are a big “Yes please” to many who are afraid of stepping into a box full.

The conditioning class was born from runners and cyclists who wanted to build some more core strength and a higher anaerobic energy system, or rather “a bigger engine”.  This class is perfect for runners, cyclists and triathletes who would like to do some extra conditioning to their program.

Programming is based on what I have learned from Chris Hinshaw, who is the leading coach of not only professional CrossFitters, but who trains triathletes, runners and cyclists in aerobic capacity.  Hinshaw himself has won the world Iron man, held in Hawaii and is forward thinking in his training methodology.  Tanja, the owner of Fuel Your Fire has qualified through Hinshaw’s aerobic capacity course and stay in close contact to keep up with the newest trends.

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