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Not for a single moment did I believe Fuel Your Fire was going to be my saving grace.  I walked in so scared to try new things that seemed super human, yet I was even more afraid of not trying, because of the negative way my eating habits and lifestyle were progressing.  There was really nothing to be afraid of, I walked into such love, dedication and the most amazing support from everyone; no matter what the issue may have been someone was there to help, and I feel very privileged to be around such beautiful, nurturing souls.  Now, 7 months down the line here I am, no longer the girl who was to afraid to step up onto a box or trust resistance bands and my lack of strength to hold me up.  Now I’m the girl doing toes to bar, power snatches and heavy deadlifts.  I don’t even mind the running anymore.  It’s almost impossible to remember a time before Fuel Your Fire.  I feel so strong now, much fitter and healthier and I’m so happy, which is the most important thing of all.  I am finally comfortable in my own skin.
Fuel Your Fire is definitely the place to be if you are looking for somewhere to improve yourself both physically and mentally, and also be part of an amazing family. When I first went to Fuel Your Fire, it was because I wanted a place which would help me get into shape. What kept me going back every day, week, and month, was the amazing and encouraging family environment. The team running Fuel Your Fire (lead by Tanja as head coach) are supportive, encouraging and caring. They take the time to listen to every goal and dream you have, and constantly encourage you to not only reach that goal, but to surpass it. This team goes above and beyond what is generally expected of Crossfit coaches because they take the term ‘family’ seriously. This is a place where you genuinely feel part of a family which cares about every aspect of your life.
When I started to experience health issues which threatened to derail my health, Tanja personally made sure that every workout was adapted in a manner which I would be able to safely perform, and then carefully watched over me as I did the workout. Helping me to get back to a place where I can once again exercise to my full potential. This care and attention is provided to every member, and there are many others who have experienced this same care and attention.
It is truly amazing to be part of something as special as this and to experience yourself growing in every area of life because of being part of a family like this. We may all be there because of the Workout of the Day, to push ourselves harder than before to reach higher goals than before, but the reason we all love it so much and keep going back for more, is because you are part of a family which experiences it together.
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At FYF I found a home from home and a new extended family. The encouragement and support by Coach Tanja and the team, in and outside the box,  is amazing and the coaching is the best you will find. Reaching my fitness goals while having a lot of fun is the highlight of my day.
I am not the type of person who likes exercise very much, did not do the gym thing at all. My son started crossfit who is 15 years old and loved it, keep pushing to join and telling me i will love it. Finally i signed myself up, and have not looked back since then….I started to get excited the night before and look on the app whats the next days workout. Everyday is different and thats what i enjoy. I made new friends and joined old ones and the encouragement one gets from the box is amazing. My 2 daughters will be starting now as they have seen the lifestyle & body changes my son and myself has been going through.
I am more than I can be at Fuel Your Fire….the encouragement…the benefits of cross exercising…the satisfaction of completing a challenging workout…the comeradie of fellow members…our supportive invaluable  coach and the knowledge that I am better and stronger for it…all work together for the good, mind , body & soul.
I started at Fuel Your Fire in March of this year in Plettenberg bay. I was extremely hesitant as I didn’t know what to expect. I have to be honest the first few days I seriously wanted to quit. The pain and then I got to meet Mr. Burpee! This is where Tanja and the rest of the team changed my entire outlook on exercise and wanting to get into shape and to get fit. The best way to describe Fuel your Fire is “WALK IN TERRIFIED WALK OUT ACCOMPLISHED”.
The coaches are great at explaining the workouts and all the cheering on, they make us feel that we belong. The bottom line is Fuel your Fire is a family, and I am proud to say I belong!! My fitness journey so far has been awesome, I am 13 kg’s lighter so far, more determined than ever to get into shape and to get my fitness levels up. I have made such special friendships, and I am definitely more confident. I want to be the best ME I can be, and Fuel your Fire is definitely the place to be.
Everybody that knows me, knows how much I love sport. After matric I stopped doing sport, I started doing all the bad stuff and ended with very bad depression. Someone told me about CrossFit… for about two weeks I put it off to go in and see what it was about, to start somewhere. Eventually I went and my life has changed dramatically. The box is my safe place. It is where I can be myself while I recover what I once had. The coach at the box is one of the most amazing and inspirational people I have ever met. She has been there for me every step of the way and I know 100% that she is also there for every single member that enters the Fuel Your Fire box. I love going to the box every single day. I love doing what I do and having everyone there. The best is not having people around you that judges everything you do. We’ll at this box everybody leaves their ego’s outside and this is what makes it more like a family training rather than competitors. I know a long, hard road still lies ahead for everything that I want to achieve. But I also know with the Fuel Your Fire family and box I am already 90% there. Thank you coach and everyone involved for every single thing you do for us. We love you!